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Copywriting FAQ

Copywriting services vary significantly depending on the scope of the project. For most clients, I charge a per-project rate which you can find out up-front by asking for a quote. For clients who need consistent copy updates, we’ll either have a retainer or an hourly rate agreement.

I offer website design, branding, and graphic design services for small businesses as well. In big businesses, it’s standard practice for a copywriter to work with a designer and a marketer, all with distinct roles. The budgets of small businesses are dramatically different which is why I upskilled to be able to offer you the lot.

Unlike most marketing agencies who outsource their work (often overseas), I take care of everything myself. I am a trained copywriter and Bachelor qualified English teacher, so you can be confident that you’ll have quality copy that connects with your clients.

Websites FAQ

Yes, absolutely. Your website is here to save you time and generate an income for you while you’re busy ‘doing the work.’


Your website will take much of the boring, time-consuming work off your plate, while making the parts you need to be able to do more efficient.


I include 3 months of support for when you first learn to do new things on your website. You don’t need to figure it out by yourself. You just book an evening call with me and I’ll walk you through it, step by step. It usually only takes that call and you’re good to DIY the next time around.

Search Engine Optimisation is what helps Google understand your website and suggest it when someone is searching online for a business like yours.

Firstly, your website has to be indexed (lots of DIY websites come unstuck here). But this is only going to help people find your website when they search it by name.

You want your website to be found by people looking for something LIKE what you have to offer. I’ll take care of your foundation SEO and give you some advice around maintaining that moving forward.

To give you the super short version, SEO is much more than keywords, it’s also about how well a website functions, and how people interact with your website. It’s a lot of technical work (as in, 100+ touch points per page of your website).

Because of that, it’s hard to separate web design and copy from SEO. That’s why I offer the lot together.

My recommendations vary with what my clients need. Different website platforms exist for different purposes, and if you’ve done any looking, you’ll know that the options are pretty overwhelming.

  • For portfolio websites that want to prioritise a beautiful website, Showit’s the place to be.
  • If you have an online shop or want to release a course, I recommend Wix.
  • If you’re already on Squarespace or WordPress and want to stay there, that’s not a problem at all. However, they’re not platforms I recommend.

There are so many platforms out there that it’s impossible to know every single one. But there are some (even popular ones) that really won’t serve your business well. What I mean by that, is they’re either incredibly rigid with design, or they don’t allow for adequate SEO.

Square is a fantastic payment platform that we can integrate with your website, but it is not the place to build your website. Similarly, Pixiset is fabulous for sending galleries and it does help photographers get a quick website together when they’re starting out. But it’s very limited if you want to get found on Google or stand out from your competition.

People often wonder about Shopify. In my experience, Wix’s ecommerce functions are just as good, cost you less, and give you better design capacity in the process. I can work with Shopify if you’re already on the platform.

Literally everything you need for your business’s website is set out in your proposal. I know you need a website that is professional, feels like you, and works seamlessly for your clients. But what one person needs is different to what the next person needs, which is why I quote by the project.

There are a few different costs involved in building a website for your small business. I’ll walk you through each of these in more detail when we chat, but here’s an overview:

  • The cost of your domain (your www address) – this is an annual cost and sits around $25, payable to your provider.
  • Web hosting fees – these vary quite a lot and are paid to the website host or platform. They’re usually listed monthly, but have to be paid up front for the year. Usually you’ll get a discount by paying for a year or two up front, but fees thereafter are full price. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars a year to keep your website on the internet.
  • Web design fees – this is the fee for my time and expertise in making your website for you. What you need is going to be different to what the next business needs, which is why I quote each and every project to make sure it covers what you need.

Your website serves your business 24/7 by attracting clients, answering questions, and converting the sale for you. Even if you paid someone minimum wage to do that, you’d be up for $203,000 a year!

Don’t scrape the bottom of the barrel with how you serve your customers.

In the 2nd quarter of 2024, websites for service-based businesses start at $4000 and for product and course-based businesses, $4500. Naturally, the more products, the higher the cost.

Remember, these costs are inclusive of your web design, copy, and SEO. Everything is set up to be functioning on your store for you, in just 4-5 weeks.

The best way to know exactly what yours will cost is to ask for a small business website package tailored to you. All that takes is a free call and proposal, which will lock in that price to start your project within the next 3 months.

Branding and Graphic Design FAQ

A logo is a visual identifier for your business. A brand identity goes into depth about your brand personality, ideal clients, using psychology to attract your idea clients, includes imagery for your brand direction, makes research-backed decisions about colours, typography and symbols, and includes a guide for how to apply all of this information.

Brand Identities always include:

  • A Brand Identity PDF guide, so you know how your brand should be applied.
  • Fonts and colours
  • On-brand imagery for inspiration
  • Brand personality profile
  • Information about your ideal clients
  • Brand voice guide
  • A complete logo suite including a custom brand pattern

Additional brand collateral can be added, including:

  • Email signatures
  • Business cards
  • Social media templates

I strongly believe that to set your business up for success, you need a strong brand foundation. I pride myself on creating brand identities that are purposeful and strategic for the entire marketing strategy of the business.

If you have read the two FAQ above and still believe that you only need a logo, I’d suggest looking on Fiverr as I’m not personally connected with businesses that only offer one-off logo designs.

No, you don’t. So long as you have consistent branding including fonts, colours and shapes, and also know your ideal clients well, we’ll be able to move forward.

Yes – because the world is full of endless potential! I don’t offer motion graphic design services.

Most of my graphic design services are either creating brand identities, brand collateral, or advertising materials.

If something is beyond the scope of the work I create, I have a network of standalone graphic designers I’d be happy to refer you to.

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