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Freelance copywriting and web design for creative small businesses

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Copywriter and Website Designer for Small Australian Businesses.​

It's time to tap into your zone of genius

Every business owner has a sweet spot where their talents, passion, and profitability collide, leaving them absolutely buzzing about their business. It’s the place you feel most confident and fulfilled – it’s where you are completely irreplaceable!


For me, that space is found in empowering small business owners like you to achieve your dreams, by equipping you the digital marketing services you need to succeed.

But the real magic isn’t found in technology. It’s found in helping you spend more time in your unique zone of genius.

Hi, I'm Sarah

Freelance copywriter and web designer

As a teacher-turned-copywriter, I understand that you need someone who can help you bring the vision to life, in ways that serve your business and work for you. Unlike big marketing agencies, you’ll never feel like a fish lost at sea with me.

I work one-on-one with all my clients so that you feel completely confident that your small business’s digital marketing is in capable hands!

My life’s purpose is to be part of your transformation

That’s why I work with:

Small Businesses

needing a wizard to help their business reach new heights.

Established Businesses

needing diversified marketing strategies that strengthen their business.


looking for a new job and need a resume writer to help them get in the door!

Here’s what I can take off your plate, giving you more space for your favourite things!

Web Design

Website design, copy, and SEO services to quickly deliver a fully-functioning website you know how to use!


My speciality is website copywriting, but I can also create all kinds of other copy for your business. 


Psychology-driven branding that dives deeper than you’ve ever been to position your business to attract your ideal client!

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I’ll extract the gold from your work experience and position you as the ideal candidate for the role.

So what is a freelance copywriter?

When I told my friends and family I was leaving the classroom, there was ONE person who knew what a copywriter was and that person, well, he works in radio advertising.

So if you’re like 99% of my world, copywriting is writing that generates sales in your sleep. It’s the kind of writing that intrigues you, engages your imagination and your emotions in such a way that you feel 100% confident that you’ve found the one.

More than just words on a page, it’s about infusing personality into your brand in ways that feel true to you, while hooking your ideal client with sales psychology. 

It’s what big businesses know all about and small businesses are struggling to grasp. And, it’s what moves you from the realm of DIY business, to a whole new dimension of irresistible branding.

Harnessing the power of psychology-driven word wizardry, copywriting is all about getting your words working for you!​

Small business digital marketing services

I’m passionate about delivering solutions that work with and for YOUR business. Rather than a distinct design or writing style, you’ll notice the brands I work with shine bright in their own right, communicating consistently and strategically with their ideal clients.

Tap the images below to explore the ways I’ve served these Australian businesses.

Photography by Frankie

I’m unashamedly a perfectionist

So I’m passionate about bringing you marketing that meets the quality of your business potential.

Here’s how I’ll do that for you…

Encouraging you to embrace your dreams and live a life of fulfilment.
Developing an action plan to grow your business and turn your everyday into the life of you’ve envisioned.
Intentionally voicing your brand to build customer trust AND your bottom line!
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What can I help you find today?

I want to know how you went from teacher to freelance copywriter.

I want to know more what your services can do for me.

I want to see the magic in action – show me your work.

I work with clients who want to click their fingers and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I’ve got it under control.

If you’re looking for a wizard for your small business, look no further than Poppins Copy.

Help is just a message away

Sarah | Copywriter & Website Designer Toowoomba

Your small biz wiz for websites, writing, SEO, & branding.
✨️Let's get your words working wonders for you!
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