Copywriter, Brand and Website Designer for Small Businesses

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Copywriter and Website Designer for Small Australian Businesses.​

Spend more time in your zone of genius

Every business owner has a sweet spot where their talents, passion, and profitability collide. It’s the place you feel most confident and fulfilled. It’s where you are completely irreplaceable in your business.

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that word wizardry and tech skills are my zone of genius. 

But for me, that special place is found in empowering my clients to represent their brand and use their new website on an ongoing basis, without being reliant on paid support. 

If you’re looking for a brand or website designer for your small business who is more interested in your success than in a monthly retainer, then congratulations – you’ve just found your match!

Hi, I'm Sarah

Freelance copywriter and website designer for small businesses

As a former teacher, I understand that you need someone who can bring out the best in your business. Balancing your own needs with the 10 years’ understanding makes people tick, I’m uniquely positioned to get your website working with and for your business.

Unlike the big marketing agencies, you’ll never feel like a fish lost at sea with me.

I work one-on-one with my clients so that you feel completely confident that your business is in capable hands. Nothing is outsourced or side-balled, it’s all handled exclusively by me!

Services that help your small business grow

while giving you precious time to spend doing the things you love!

Web Design

My specialty service is delivering a fully-functioning website that you’re taught how to use, so that you’re not stuck paying me to update bits and pieces over time. Complete with design, copy, and SEO, your website build will be as close to stress free as can be!


If you’ve ever felt instantly connected with a brand and can’t quite put your finger on why, I can tell you it was no accident. With psychology-driven branding, we can do the same for your business! We’ll shape a full-scale brand identity with everything you need.


From brochures to emails, I can help with all your print and digital marketing messaging. What’s more, you won’t need to hire 3 people – I’m a copywriter, editor, and a graphic designer in one! You don’t need to know all the answers – you just need to know who to ask. 

My life’s purpose is to be part of your transformation

That’s why I work 1:1 with small business owners who need their very own website wizard

What is a freelance copywriter & website designer for small businesses?

When I left the classroom, there was one person in my world who knew what a copywriter was and that person works in radio advertising. 

So if you’re like 99% of my world, copywriting is sales writing. But not in a “Yuck, this feels like an infomercial” kind of way. That’s what AI is for…

For me, copywriting is all about infusing personality into your brand, so that when you see your new website you’re smiling ear to ear. It’s filled with all the things you find yourself saying, but expressed in ways you could never have put into words.

Importantly, it’s the kind of writing that sells your product or service for you, because I’ve used the power of emotions to get to the core of why people buy and have motivated them to take the next step. 

Copywriting is what big businesses know all about and small businesses are struggling to grasp. And, it’s what moves you from the realm of “that’s nice,” to “that’s exactly what I need, take my money!”

It took me no time at all to realise that small business owners need an all-in-one service, so I added branding and website design to deliver you agency-level services with freelance convenience. 

Brand and Website Design for Small Businesses

I’m passionate about delivering solutions that work with and for YOUR business.

Rather than a curating a distinct design or writing style, you’ll notice the brands I work with shine bright in their own right. It’s important to me that your business looks, feels and communicates consistently and strategically with YOUR ideal clients. 

Tap the images below to explore the ways I’ve served these Australian businesses.

Putting your best foot forward

Whether it’s through your website or branding, I want you to feel confident and proud about how your business is represented online. I balance that through:

Embracing the dream you have for your brand, so that everything we create together gets you a step closer to the bigger picture.
Choosing the right tools and strategies to support your business now and into the future.
Intentionally voicing your brand to build customer trust AND your bottom line!
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I work with clients who want to click their fingers and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I've got it under control

If that’s the kind of support you’ve been looking for, it’s time to consider how we’ll get there together.

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