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Thea and Chief

Our Objectives

Hannah reached out to me for business guidance. She needed a rebrand, but she knew she needed more than just a surface-level upgrade.

I worked with the brand to dive deep into their brand values, vision, purpose, and ideal clients to help Hannah understand her business inside out.

Following this discovery process, we worked through some mood boards strategically composed with her business and brand archetype in mind. We narrowed down the vision and worked on her brand marks.

She wanted to stay true to her brand story and in my research, I learned the name Thea has greek origins, meaning “Goddess.” Since the Greek’s shared similar relationship to dogs as we do, a constellation featuring a dog was the natural choice, given the symbolic meaning of ‘Chief’ for the brand.

Before and After

Thea and Chief - Before

Thea and Chief - After

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Hannah was thrilled with her brand, reflecting: “Sarah, I can’t say thank you enough! You were amazing throughout the entire process. It has been such a positive experience to be able to work with you, and your knowledge is invaluable! I’m excited to see what our next project will be together!”

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