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Cas' Cakery

Our Objectives

Cas had a website made a few years ago, but her business had evolved and so her website needed to transform. SInce her website was built, she has moved cities and opened her very own studio where she can inspire, motivate, and champion others!

When looking for help with her website, Cas quickly realised many professionals were unwilling to work with her existing website platform, which she had spent years learning. While I don’t recommend Squarespace, I will still work with it because I understand the effort my clients have already gone to, in order to learn their platform. It’s still a functional choice, even if it has its limitations.

As well as getting her website up to speed with her business growth, she wanted to target website navigation. Customers often had a hard time finding what they were looking for, so a streamlined and intuitive design was top priority.

Now Cas has a beautiful website that feels like her as she steps into this exciting new season of work and life.

Email Copy

Increasingly, Cas hopes to spend time in her areas of passion and genius. Therefore, we’ve started an email marketing plan that focuses on nurturing her audience while still offering sales promotions. Now all Cas’ has to do is approve emails at draft stage, which are automatically sent at convenient times for her customers.

Social Media

Cas was also having trouble with her Instagram shop, as it wasn’t set up to automatically refresh her store listings as new items were added. I was able to troubleshoot the issue for her and resolve a few other social connectivity issues along the way.

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