More than just a face to the name

We’ll combine personality with psychology to magnetise your ideal client

Let’s play a game...

I’m going to mention one word and I guarantee that your imagination will immediately be sparked.

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Whether your heart is filled with childlike excitement, or you’re picturing the castle, mouse ears or that shooting star, there’s a reason we know it’s the happiest place on earth…

It's branding!

Every touch point is part of your customers’ brand experience.

Let’s create a memorable experience that helps turn them into your business’s biggest fan!

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Freelance Graphic Design Services

Brand Identities

Get serious about your brand with a psychology-driven brand identity.

Much more than just a logo, this is the foundation that will clarify your business direction, while helping you connect with your ideal clients in impactful, money-making ways!

We start with an in-depth questionnaire to discover your brand’s psychology-driven profile. Using this information, we can make research-backed decisions about how to represent your brand moving forwards.

Next we’ll deep dive into your ideal clients, to get to know them as well as you know your best friend.

Once this work is done, we’ll move to mood boards where we consider all kinds of imagery and how that fits with your brand’s bigger picture.

The 2nd last step in the process is what you might have thought came first – logo design. Our inclusions are generous for the price.

You’ll receive all your files electronically, but the most important one is your Brand Identity PDF, which gives you everything you need to confidently represent your brand moving forward. 

Brand Collateral

Any print or digital assets your business needs, I can create for your small business.

You don’t need to come up with the words yourself, you’ve got a qualified copywriter right here!

We chat to make sure we’re on the same page about what you’re needing.

We book your project and you provide your brand guidelines and imagery before the start date.

We go through 2 rounds of drafts to make sure your branded documents are exactly as you need them to be.

Your documents are delivered digitally and you can send them to your chosen printer.

Just kidding – symmetry is nice though. Your next step is just to send me a message to get the ball rolling on your graphic design project!

Let’s create the brand of your dreams!

As your freelance graphic designer, you only pay me by the project.

Still wondering what I can do for you?

I pride myself on quality designs that reflect your brand vision.

Because of this, you’ll notice my portfolio isn’t like a lot of designers who create their own distinct style.

There’s nothing wrong with that approach, but I’m client-focused. I’m here to create a brand identity that puts you on the map for you.