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Strategically developed branding packages that will serve your business for years to come!

I create brands that are created with that specific business’s archetype in mind, so that the design speaks effectively to my clients’ audience. I don’t have a ‘set style’ that I replicate from one client to the next, as every client is different. However, I follow the same psychology-driven, research-backed principles to deliver a brand identity that covers every touch point effectively. 

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Hannah, Thea and Chief
Sarah, I can't say thank you enough! You were amazing throughout the entire process. It has been such a positive experience to be able to work with you, and your knowledge is invaluable! I'm excited to see what our next project will be together!
Casey, The Magic Era
I AM LITERALLY CRYING RIGHT NOW! Honestly this is your best work yet! I can't believe how perfectly it's all coming together. Thank you Sarah!
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My branding packages include:

  • A Brand Identity Guide that details your archetype, target audience, strategy, brand voice, imagery, colours, fonts, file types, and tips.
  • Several versions of your logo, because you will absolutely need it in a few different layouts.
  • A brand pattern that can be used across your website, socials and packaging for a distinctly on-brand appearance.
  • Original Adobe Illustrator files, as well as everyday file types. There’s nothing worse than getting to a printer and realising you don’t have a functional file type they can use!

Many of my clients add on additional extras, like social media icons, email signatures, business cards and more. 

A logo is like putting a face to the name. A brand identity is like putting an entire person to a name.

A brand identity package is a much more involved, strategic marketing decision that will serve your business for years to come. Prices start at $2500.