Words and magic are one in the same

Let’s get your words working wonders for you

Website Copy

Effective website copy does the heavy lifting for your business, so that you can spend less 1:1 time convincing them to buy!


Flyers, brochures, radio ads, etc have seconds to capture attention and make enough of an impact that people will actively respond.

Email Marketing

Not only is it an effective sales tool, email marketing nurtures your clients and keeps your business front of mind.


Keep your website fresh in search with content that builds your credibility. Not only does it bolster your SEO, it serves your entire content marketing strategy.

How can a small business copywriter help your business?

Basically any writing that your business needs, I can take care of for you. I’ve written job advertisements to attract best-fit employees, right through to email marketing funnels.

8+ years teaching Senior English has more than qualified me as an excellent editor, so you can hire me to edit or amend your business writing as well.


Can I do the design as well?

I offer website design, branding, and graphic design services for small businesses as well. In big businesses, it’s standard practice for a copywriter to work with a designer and a marketer, all with distinct roles. The budgets of small businesses are dramatically different which is why I upskilled to be able to offer you the lot. 

How much does copywriting cost?

Copywriting services vary significantly depending on the scope of the project. For most clients, I charge a per-project rate which you can find out up-front by asking for a quote. For clients who need consistent copy updates, we’ll either have a retainer or an hourly rate agreement.

Do I outsource the work?

Unlike most marketing agencies who outsource their work (often overseas), I take care of everything myself. I am a trained copywriter and Bachelor qualified English teacher, so you can be confident that you’ll have quality copy that connects with your clients.

Sarah from Poppins Copy freelance marketing, sits on a couch with a book and pen, looking at the camera

Let’s get your words working wonders for you

How can I help?

I’m all about empowering you to achieve your dreams, with actionable steps and the ability to make it happen!

Sarah, small business copywriter, sits on a tan couch and looks at the camera