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Our Objectives

Lauren needed solid support to kick-start their entry into the world of business. We completed a comprehensive brand identity including a full range of logos, colours, fonts, visuals, target market and brand voice.

I created a social media marketing strategy for the business, set up their accounts and started their growth with 50+ genuine followers in one week, as well as several enquiries and media making enquiries about the business.

We have created several pieces of business collateral, including business cards, trifold and bifold brochures to target different areas of their business offerings. We also had a short photography session to help establish the brand and create a content bank for the business to use.

To simplify their marketing, I created a suite of custom templates on Canva for them to easily add images to create content. Coupled with a comprehensive social media marketing content bank, strategy, and copy guide, the client now has everything they need to easily pick up the marketing of their business.

We also created a form to manage enquiries for my client, as we will build a website in the near future.


As a new business starting out, Lauren knew she needed a strategically designed brand that would speak to her ideal clients and their children. She also needed support to learn how to use social media, as well as a strategy to attract her ideal client.

After taking care of her branding, I set up her social platforms with 3 pinned posts to help communicate the core of her business offerings. Within a week of launching the page, I had attracted 50 followers, a booking enquiry and a media enquiry to write a story on her business.

Instagram Highlight Covers created for Pony Parties Toowoomba


To help spread the word about her business, I created several brochures for Lauren to promote her business in person. She has a trifold brochure as well as an A4 flyer for community and school noticeboards.

Please note, images are compressed to improve website speed. I can assure you, everything is crystal clear in the full resolution files my clients receive to ensure a top quality print.

Pony Parties Toowoomba tear off flyer that's displayed on community and school noticeboards


While Lauren waits to build her website, we’ve created two online forms to support her business.

The first is her enquiry form, which allows customers to gather additional information while enquiring about a booking.

The second is a digitised risk assessment, which allows parents to easily access, read, and sign the waiver form.

Radio Advertising

Considering Lauren’s target market, we decided that a radio advertising campaign had the potential for a fantastic ROI for her business. She reached out for me to write a script that the radio station would voice to bring the vision to life.

Conveying such vital information in a short time frame is challenging, but as her debut it was important to convey the heart of her business and the fun it offers, in a way that would compel parents and excite children.

Freelance marketing Toowoomba Poppins Copy

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